Expedite Settlement and Increase Case Values

  • RAD1000 adds strength to your case by allowing the latest technology medical anatomic visualization and animation using raw data anatomy of the actual patient.
  • Helpful in pre-litigation
  • Illustrations are admissible as evidence
  • Uses the patient’s actual anatomy
  • Makes the pathology easy to visualize and understand even without having a medical background
  • Both still images and video images are provided
  • Illustrations are created by Board-certified, Fellowshop-trained radiologists with academic background as well as vast medicolegal experience

3D anatomy

Using the latest in imaging technology, RAD1000 transfers 2D radiology images to 3D illustrations allowing the nonradiologist or lay person to visualize understand anatomy and anatomic relationships in such a way that they are readily understandable.

24-48 hour turnaround

We guarantee a prompt service and are readily available to work quickly and meet your deadlines, while maintaining a high quality of product.

Used as evidence

Our illustrations are not invented but rather created using the original raw data from the initial CT, MRI, or X-ray. As such, the result is compelling as evidence.

Affordable prices

RAD1000 videos are available for all types of medical imaging cases at affordable prices. Please contact us for pricing and promotions.

Board-Certified Radiologists

All illustrations are created by Board-certified, Fellowship-trained radiologists, with a vast experience as educators having given hundreds of lectures and presentations to both medical and nonmedical audiences.

FDA cleared technology

Diagnostic standards for imaging.
Our illustrations are useful not only in medicolegal setting but also as diagnostic tools for daily decision-making in active clinical practice.


  • “RAD1000 was a great resource for our medical malpractice case.  Not only did the enhanced technology serve to educate the involved attorneys, it provided us with the tools to present the case clearly and properly to a jury.”


  • “My firm has used RAD1000 for several cases. Using state-of-the-art technology RAD1000 has transformed 2D images of my clients’ radiographs into three dimension illustrations which are much easier for a jury to understand. In this way complex medical issues become readily comprehensible and can make the difference between winning or losing all in a medical trial.”


  • Rad1000 is an extremely powerful tool for making the complex anatomical relationships tangible to those who seek to understand them, of both medical and nonmedical backgrounds, by transforming the traditional 2D medical images into 3D reconstructed masterpieces.

    Christopher Carpenter,
    M.D., MPH, Children’s Hospital Oakland / UCSF