How an expert radiologist will help my case?

Tags: | September 15th, 2015

The role of an expert is to clearly communicate and delineate the facts of the case in a fashion that is readily understandable to the nonmedical audience no matter their level of education. In order to do this, the expert must have not only excellent communication skills, but also an ability to educate the jury in a way that makes the case intelligible and tangible regardless of their educational background. In radiology, a field associated with rapidly advancing technology, it is sometimes even more difficult to for a jury to comprehend the imaging findings, anatomic relationships, and associated pathology or concepts essential to a case. Rad1000 has partnered with Radsurity ( and Medsurity Solutions (, where radiology experts have a vast combined experience as educators — having given hundreds of lectures and presentations to both medical and nonmedical audiences, having authored multiple publications, and having served as faculty at reputable academic institutions in important roles such as tenured University Professor and Radiology Residency Program Director. Our expert radiologists will speak confidently and credibly about the case explaining the findings with genuine conviction. Discuss your case with us at no cost. We will identify and clarify the issues involved and suggest the optimal expert witnesses for your case.