What is the “RAD1000 Quality Guarantee”

Although the resolution of the final product is to a degree dependent on the resolution of the initial data, RAD1000 guarantees is that we will do everything we can to maximize the quality of the final product, deliver it in a timely fashion, be receptive to feedback, and guarantee professionalism service. The satisfaction of our clients is of paramount importance to us.

Are RAD1000 exhibits admissible in court as evidence?

Yes. To our knowledge, 100% of our videos and images have been admitted in cases. The exhibit which Rad1000 will create for your case is not at all invented or created, but rather completely a true and accurate representation of only the patient’s actual imaging study data initially obtained.

Does RAD1000 provide options for expert witness testimony services?

Yes. Our affiliated expert board-certified fellowship-trained radiologists are available upon request to provide expert witness testimony services.

What is the background and training of your radiologists?

As described on the “Meet the Team” page, our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology, fellowship-trained, in active clinical practice, and have vast experiences as medicolegal experts. Our radiologists are experienced educators, having given hundreds presentations to both medical and nonmedical audiences.

Why is it helpful to see anatomy in 3-dimensions.

Radiology has always been about 2-dimentional pictures and the ability of a trained radiologist to use them to conceive of complex 3-dimentional anatomy and spatial relationships. However, with today’s advanced technology, the same pathology can be represented in 3D images and even manipulated, twisted, and turned to the perfect angles and views to make the pathology understandable and tangible to even a lay person without any medical training. The structures in front of the anatomy of interest can be cropped out, and the anatomy of interest can be highlighted to distinguish it from the background structures.

What does our FREE Case Evaluation entail?

At no charge, we are happy to evaluate the images in question, and to describe to you what RAD1000 can do for your case.

Can RAD1000 work with any modality? CT? MRI?

Yes. RAD1000 can use the raw data from any cross-sectional imaging modality to create reconstructed images. We will help you to send the DICOM files to us through a secure transfer system.

Can we collaborate on the case remotely?

Yes. Using screensharing, our radiologists can help to give you a virtual tour of the illustration to show you how the exhibit can best be used and explained to support your case.

Is the RAD1000 exhibit certified?

Yes. Our radiologist will provide a signed certification statement attesting to the fact that the illustration is a fair and accurate representation and based on the data from the actual patient’s scan.