CT or MRI Video






* Includes: 3 still images, board certified radiologist certification, 72-hour turnaround & annotation of key anatomy.

* Includes: 36-hour turnaround time & annotation of key anatomy

Is it simple to get started?

Yes. Submit a case or call us. We’ll walk you or your assistant through the 5 minute process your client’s scan and radiology report. Within 72 hours, we’ll provide you with the first draft.


Is this admissible in court?

Yes. This is the real data taken at the time of image acquisition, only expressed in 3D. To date, our videos have been admissible in 100% of cases where they were used.

100% Quality Guarantee

We’ll notify you within 24 hours of receiving a scan in the event the scan does not meet our internal quality threshold. Those scans that do not meet such threshold will be entitled to 100% refund per our Terms & Conditions.


Is the medical integrity of the original image altered to create 3D view?

No. Our software is FDA cleared as a diagnostic aide for medical professionals. The RAD1000 technology preserves the integrity of the original CT or MRI scan. The quality of our work product is dependent upon the quality of the original CT or MRI scan.